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Patio Policies

Our Socially Distanced Patio is designed to make it possible for you to enjoy casual food and drinks while prioritizing the health and safety of all of our guests and our staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the guidelines that we have established:

  • Everyone must wear a face covering (covering nose and mouth) at all times. The only exception to this is while you are seated at a table. If for any reason you need to stand up, you must first put on your mask.
  • We have a designated Host who will manage the seating process. Unfortunately, our patio is no longer a free and open space. If all tables are occupied, we will add you to our waitlist and the system will send you a text when your spot is ready.
  • There is a maximum party size of 6 individuals per table. This includes children of any age.
  • We will guide you to one of our tables and direct your party to sit at one end. This will allow our staff to maintain proper distancing while delivering food and drink in the designated Service Zone of your table. Please push your empty cans and cups and your tray to the Service Zone when you are done with those items so that we may buss them for you.
  • Ordering will be via our website at which you should access via your phone. You will be able to indicate your table number and we will bring your order out directly to your table when it is ready. If you need more, simply place another order and we’ll bring it out to you.